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The “Joy ” Series

I am incredibly excited to announce that we have officially started working on turning the The “Joy “Series into a television show! Fans of the series know that this has always been my dream and drive behind putting out this series.  I cannot wait until you all get to see Joy, Jon, Angela and David […]


What’s in a name….

I have several people ask me why I decided to name my series “Joy”.  Well, besides Joy being my middle name ( seriously,  its actually my middle name) I feel that it comments on the book. I chose that title because I felt that it asks a subliminal question of my readers, Is this “joy”? […]


Joy: Behind the Scenes

I am so proud of the success that I have had from my book series, “The Joy Series”. Its is so gratifying to put your heart into something you love and have people actually “get” it and love it. I wanted to take time to share with you why I wrote the The “Joy” Series […]


I Love You (Joys’ Story)

You show up at my door with flowers, you shake hands with  my dad, kiss my mom on the cheek and we leave. Out on the town, you take me to my favorite restaurant. At the end of the meal I reach for my wallet and you say nah baby, I got this. You take […]


You Were Supposed to Be Different

Screaming in my pillow with tears running down my face You were supposed to be different. Everything and everyone around you whispered to my spirit that you were different. Your walk was that of a king, your speech had that perfect combination of intelligence and slang. Finally a man who can carry on a decent […]


This Ain’t Love

This is a monologue I wrote for “Tony”, a character in the upcoming short film “Love in Dark Places”. Film written and directed by Rod Kirby. “What’s funny is, all I ever wanted was love. Something like my folks had. Something real. But I know this ain’t love though, its just something I do to […]


Win a Free Copy of “Joy:The Next Chapter”

Who wants to win a free copy of “Joy:The Next Chapter”? Well here’s your chance! All you have to do is update your Facebook status with a post, pic or video expressing your thoughts on the first book in the series, “Joy”. Make sure you TAG ME in the post so I can see it! […]



   Ok, so I am totally guilty of being obsessed with “Scandal”. I think my girl Kerry Washington is a phenomenal actress. The show is always exciting and dramatic, it will literally have you on the edge of your seat with each episode. However, I must admit that the affair between Olivia and Fitz perplexes […]

Knock, Knock

I can’t believe you had the nerve to show up at my house…… again. Not after I begged and cried for you to stay gone a while. I prayed and asked God to keep you away but every month here you are like clock work. Banging on my doors and windows, and I gotta let […]


Feelin’ Some Kinda Way….. (Angela’s Story)

What is this? This, that forces me to be weak. Forces me to allow you to walk all over me and yet I grin, and knowingly bear it. What is this? This, that rips my identity from my hands and causes me to willingly give it over to you with hardly a second thought. What […]