Joy: Behind the Scenes


I am so proud of the success that I have had from my book series, “The Joy Series”. Its is so gratifying to put your heart into something you love and have people actually “get” it and love it.
I wanted to take time to share with you why I wrote the The “Joy” Series and give you a little more background on the story.

First off, very few people know this about me but I have always wanted to write a television show that speaks to and connects African American women. A show that was both entertaining and relevant to what we go through everyday.

Since I don’t currently have the connections or the resources to produce a major television show, I decided to write it. I don’t actually consider myself a “novelist”. When you read The “Joy” Series, you’ll find that the books are a combination of a TV script and a traditional book.

Second, you’ll find that there is a little bit of me in each one of the female lead characters. No, I’m not saying that the characters’ actions and situations are actually things that I’ve done or been through (for the most part). However, those that know me well will recognize that SOME of the ways the characters respond to certain situations would mirror the way I would respond.

While writing the books, I wanted to make the storyline seem as “real” as possible so from time to time I would drop myself in that scenario and let my natural reaction flow through the pages.
Fun Fact: While writing the scene where Angela sees David in the grocery store, I was literally in tears. This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. When she was yelling “Say something, Say something” In her mind but didn’t have the courage or the strength to say it out loud; That was definitely a Kim moment.

I was once told, What comes from the heart reaches the heart. That couldn’t be more true in this case. This series was definitely written from my heart and  every time someone tells me that it has touched them or spoken to them in some way my heart smiles.

Thank you for reading The “Joy” Series :The best show you’ve ever read!

I hope you’re ready for part 3! Coming Soon…….

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