Knock, Knock


I can’t believe you had the nerve to show up at my house…… again.
Not after I begged and cried for you to stay gone a while.

I prayed and asked God to keep you away but every month here you are like clock work.

Banging on my doors and windows, and I gotta let you in. Can’t leave you standing out there on my front porch letting all my neighbors see.

And what pains me is you don’t even have the compassion to at least show up a few days late. You know, let me dream and fantasize that maybe this month you ain’t comin’. But noooo, there you are every month beating down my door with those ashy knuckles.

Despite your lack of compassion, I still hope. I still dream and smile about the day you not gon show up….and yes I smile.

About The day you’ll stay gone long enough to give me and God enough time to do what He created me to do. And maybe after a few months I’ll get a different knock and it won’t be you that time. In my heart I see a miniature version of me…..and my husband. And on that day……


Wait, what day is it again?

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