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I Love You (Joys’ Story)

You show up at my door with flowers, you shake hands with  my dad, kiss my mom on the cheek and we leave. Out on the town, you take me to my favorite restaurant. At the end of the meal I reach for my wallet and you say nah baby, I got this. You take […]


You Were Supposed to Be Different

Screaming in my pillow with tears running down my face You were supposed to be different. Everything and everyone around you whispered to my spirit that you were different. Your walk was that of a king, your speech had that perfect combination of intelligence and slang. Finally a man who can carry on a decent […]


Feelin’ Some Kinda Way….. (Angela’s Story)

What is this? This, that forces me to be weak. Forces me to allow you to walk all over me and yet I grin, and knowingly bear it. What is this? This, that rips my identity from my hands and causes me to willingly give it over to you with hardly a second thought. What […]