The Other Woman vs The Only Woman


What makes a woman want to sleep with a married man? Are these women truly the low class, home wreckers we think they are, or have they simply been manipulated by a handsome, charming man?

I used to know a woman who boldly proclaimed that she preferred being “the other woman”. She said she learned from watching her mother who taught her that “the other woman” is always treated better than the wife/girlfriend.  Besides, the wife/ girlfriend is the one who gets cheated on, lied to and disappointed. While “the other woman” gets the dinners, flowers and lingerie.

As I listened to her go on and on about this in front of a room full of ladies who are rolling their eyes and whispering, I couldn’t help but wonder, how many women out there feel the same way?

Is the rising number of married men who are having affairs due to a new generation of women who were taught that it’s better to be his “other woman” than his “only woman”?

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