Joy….. part two?



Ok, so I have gotten an AMAZING response to my new book “Joy”. As many of you know by now,  “Joy” is the first book in a series of books that will follow the lives of our featured characters, Joy, Jonathan, Carla, and everyone’s “favorite” couple Angela and David.

Now that several people have finished the first part in the series, I’ve started getting a lot of questions and suggestions for the second book. For example, people want to know what happens to Joy and Jonathan. Does Jonathan ever find out all of Joy’s lies? Does Angela stay with David or will she finally find the strength to walk away for good?
My best friend even commented that she wouldn’t mind if David comes up missing in the second book :-).

All of these questions and more will definitely be answered in part two, but today I wanted to open the floor for more questions! What would you like to see happen in part two?

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